Saturday, January 9, 2010

Promosi Pelancongan

The video, it turns out, was actually produced as part of a campaign by Visit Denmark, a Danish tourism agency. The idea is, apparently, to market Denmark to male tourists with the implication that it’s easy to have anonymous, unprotected sex with attractive local women who just want to introduce you to Danish customs. I don’t know that the possibility of unplanned pregnancy would be the best tourism draw, but she does assure us that she’s not a slut and she’s not wanting anything from the father, so perhaps that will reassure potential tourists that not only can they have unprotected sex with local women, there are no real consequences to doing so.

Mempromosi pelancongan kepada orang asing sememangnya digalakkan kerana akan membantu negara mendapat tukaran wang asing. Namun begitu, kaedah promosi bukanlah satu perkara yang boleh di ambil mudah terutama apabila ia menyentuh soal agama dan adat resam masyarakat.

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